Their Ubuntu Breakup

Episode 266 · March 8th, 2018 · 10 mins

About this Episode

It starts with a bang! System76 shares their side of the Unity desktop breakup, its brutal and honest. It's just the first day of SCALE16x, and it's shaping up to be the biggest yet.

Then McAfee buys TunnelBear, Netflix shares some data on you, and Ghostery goes open source.

Episode Links

  • Pop!_OS Weekly Update: 17.10 Beta & New Community... — System76 is happy to welcome our new Community Manager: Sriram Ramkrishna, or ‘Sri’ as he likes to be called! His role will be to help create and evolve strong relationships between our upstream projects and the Free and Open Source community as well as continue our fabulous relationship with our customers through our social media channels.
  • Ad-Blocker Ghostery Just Went Open Source — Many of Ghostery’s users struggled to understand the company’s old, complicated business model.
  • Oculus brings Rift VR headsets back to life with a software fix — The fix is available from the Oculus Rift website, and includes a certificate that hasn’t expired. Oculus thanked owners for their patience in a Twitter message today, and co-founder Nate Mitchell apologized for the embarrassing lapse. Mitchell also promised Rift owners affected by the issues “will be provided with an Oculus store credit.”
  • McAfee acquires VPN provider TunnelBear — TunnelBear hadn’t taken on any known outside funding, so McAfee is unlikely to have broken the bank over this acquisition. However, TunnelBear had also previously revealed that it is profitable, so was likely in position to wait until the offer was right.
  • Netflix data: 70 percent of viewing happens on TVs — Netflix says 70 percent of its streams end up on connected TVs instead of phones, tablets or PCs.
  • Lawmakers approve year-round Daylight Saving Time. — Lawmakers agree for more daylight, but Gov. Rick Scott still must sign and then the U.S. Congress must pass a law to move the Sunshine State into Daylight Savings Time year-round.